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UE4.27 VR LAN Multiplayer Template

*** ATENTION ***
This project was abandoned and I no longer give support to it! Reason being I am about to release a 5.3 more stable version.


This is a blueprint based project, with the simplest settings for LAN multiplayer in VR. There's no much going on in this template but grabbable replicated cubes and hand animations. By the Blueprints you'll see that there's no menu, no lobby, just a standard level you spawn and wait to be assigned to a local server if any, otherwise you'll be the server. Then one the server is created you're teleported to the classic UE VR map.
This is not a tutorial and there's no instructions on how to use it apart from comments inside the BP's and this short description.
In the project files you'll find simple blueprints. if you have intermediate knowledge in Unreal Engine you can easily understand the process used on this template.
Some knowledge about replication is necessary to use this template.

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