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Rotate Everything BluePrint UE5.3

This BP is a very handy and versatile solution for your VR project.
You can set up doors, drawers, windows, levers, crankwheels, or even create some puzzle games playing with rotations. 
The BP is simple and effitient, no tutorial on how to use is necessary. All the functions have auto-explanatory names and are easy to understand in case you want to modify them. 

Video in better resolution on YouTube


If you rotate one of the axis too close to its perpendicular position (Example: Rotating X axis pointing to Z direction) it might glitch when setting up limits. 
You also might face some dificulties trying to get a float rotation value when the rotating axis is not alligned to its corresponding world axis (Example: BPs X axis not pointing towards world X axis)

Any questions about it, just send me a message on Discord

Rotate Everything BluePrint UE5.3

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